Panorama Business III

PANORAMA BUSINESS III is just a perfect choice for corporate head office solutions. Located at the doorstep of another landmark mixed-use development Eurovea, the project stretches over the Landererova and Kosicka St. and provides a superb corporate visibility. Ground floor retail, terraces, views over the city, in-house canteen, cafeteria and bespoken location, the building has it all and at the same time it provides one of the most efficient floor plates on the market. We have designed the building from “inside out perspective” focusing firstly at the efficiency and functionality of the office space. The building comprises of 22.000sqm of leasable area spread across the 15the above ground floors and ca. 380 parking spaces. The building is pre-certified LEED Gold.

Panorama Business II

Panorama Business II is a modern office building of last generation. The project has been chosen as a new corporate headquarter for Johnson Controls International. It provides ca. 28.000sqm of leasable area over the 9 above ground floors with underground parking. Together with Panorama City and Tower 115 creates a courtyard with full range of amenities and restaurants for both employees and residents of Panorama City being just a few steps from ever pulsing Eurovea promenade. Building technical specification has been designed to meet the latest trends and requirements for cost efficiency solutions and will do so with style. The building is pre-certified LEED Gold.

Triangle Offices

Triangle is a boutique office gem settled in the heart of the Panorama City and Eurovea. The offices represent a truly original vision for company premises. Triangle Boutique offices are a unique opportunity to settle in a superb location with the best level of sustainability and design that exceeds all expectations. The philosophy of the Boutique concept is to create an extraordinary place to work: being an effective, popular and inspiring place to create value. The key roles in achieving this philosophy are played by first-class amenities, an environment full of positive stimuli, smooth traffic flow, prestigious accommodation and gastronomy, easily accessible relaxation, and proximity to financial institutions. You simply have everything at hand and are at the center of events. The project comprises ca 10.500 sqm of leasable stretched over the nine aboveground floors with rooftop terraces and ground floor retail.

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